Air pillows film for air cushion packaging systems and void to fill protective packaging equipment factory in DongGuan , China.

Air pillows cushion bags film is one of our best product , We have been providing our customer durable and puncture resistant air pillows for many years , We have 2 specials cutting machine with 2 lines each , make sure the capacity is enough .
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Air pillows Inflatable pillows Air cushion
Professional Air cushion packaging solution supports.
Technology of making air pillow film is not very complicated , We fouce on improving the durability and anti-impact ability . If you have any other requirement , We will try our best to put work it out .
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Air cushion bag machine Air pillows film Inflatable cushion
Cutom Logo Printing in the air cushion film .
Most our customers provide air cushion machine and air cushion film at the same time as one product , Logo and some instruction word printing usually was demanded . Custom Printing in the air pillows film is possible .
Size of the shipping air pillows .
Common size of the shipping air pillows is 4 " ×8 " or 8 " ×8 " , If you have other size of your mind , please contact us for confirmation .
Packing of the air cushion film .
Air cushion film usually packs / packed by roll , such as 900m/roll , 2 rolls pet cartoon .
Can I get free sample of air pillows film ?
Yes , We can provide free sample of air pillows film , You can test the durability and the seal ability of the bag .
Other infomation about air pillows we provide.
1 .Air pillow is made of 99% air and 1%film.It can save more than 50% cost comparing with using the common bubble film,the reduction of materials and shipping cost are the main reasons.
2 . The machine supports carring and working at any place and time when connecting with electricity.The most advantage is that the inflating speed is 18m/min.which is the fastest air cushioning packing machine in China
3 . Save more than 90% of raw material;Reusable&recyclable; Can be biodegradable if necessary.
4 . Air cushion film and abgs can bear the pressure of 40kgs in a stationary state,which can avoid damaging the shipped products during the transportation and keep the products in good condition.
5.Customer's special requirements,like the film color,air pillow shape and size are available,so it can be wideely used in a lot of industrines.such as,online shoppiing shipping,express,logistics packaging,computer accessories&auto parts packaging,light packaging,ceramic products packaging,handicraft industry,and so on.